The Islands of Gondolin

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  1. Hey everyone,
    I have just created this little base with my friends and I am looking to expand and add people. We have all the basics like farms and ect. We also have some big builds planned. We have housing for you guys/girls and we also have places where you can build your own house.

    To join:
    1. IGN
    2. Why you want to join
    3. What can you contribute

    Types of people I would like to add:
    Honest/Hardworking people

    Owner: nick535
    Co-owner: purplepuff11
    Advisers: dangerousty, hashhog300

    Edit 1: This is an Smp4 base
  2. IGN: BilboBaggins23
    Why do I want to join: I like to help create stuff at wild communities :)
    What can I contribute in: I can build whatever you wish :D
  3. ign: jkrmnj

    why do you want to join: the wild is really fun and challenging and Its better with others.

    what can you contribute: I like mining and am fairly good with redstone.
  4. 1. IGN: Pateraterick
    2. Why you want to join: Cause im bored
    3. What can you contribute: IM fairly good at landscaping and redstone

  5. All accepted will be pming u guys details
  6. Nick, correct me if I am wrong, but I believe I am the head farmer or something like that, as I managed the crops in our old base until it fell to griefing, thus the start of this lovely new base. So if you have any questions/ideas about farms and all that, ask! I will be building my room soon, as I died the last time I went to base, so keep a look out for my humble home! Can't wait to see our base grow and expand with new members. Oh, and nick, nice name. I quite enjoy it. And, jkrmnj, perhaps you could even become a sort of base engineer. I love redstone creations, and hope to be installing some generators soon! Once at base, we ask you to try to preserve the natural area as much as possible! And there is this fairly tall mountain which I have begun to call "Death Mountain," as it has killed two members (the first of them being me, so I should know) within a fairly short time period, so PLEASE be careful around the high points! Thanks all, hashhog3000.
  7. Alex_Jacob
    because I want to join a base and this one sounds cool
    I'm good with redstone and deterring peoples and hostiles from a base
  8. IGN: slash14459
    Why you want to join: I get board of EMC sometimes and I want to join an out post.
    What you can contribute: I can build, get materials and bring them back and forth from the base (I have a lot of money), and I am good with redstone. I have also never been banned from EMC and believe I am an honest and hard working person.
  9. thanks for the info hashhog. I have already built a small house. base engineer sounds cool. I had a generator on my old res (which got derelicted) which made cobble. would be happy to build one on the outpost.
  10. I have a new update sure to excite all base members! I have created a new building! Here is a description.

    Do you spend your days in the Gondolin chasing around livestock for food? Well, get ready for a treat! Head on down to the (name not revealed as it might help reveal the location of Gondolin), the first Gondolin restaurant! We make all natural foods from Gondolin Salad and Gondolin Bread to Nickpuff Cake! Best of all, it's free for all outpost members! If you see me, the restaurant's owner, chef, waiter, and only staff member (though perhaps I will hire more for convenience) on the base, just ask me to open up the restaurant so you and anyone else in the outpost can fill up with original Gondolin foods! We currently have six menu items, all of them made from natural ingredients harvested right in the Gondolin-style kitchen of the restaurant! So please, stop by the (name not revealed as it might help reveal the location of Gondolin)!
  11. Hash the island between the two is our farm island.
  12. Yes, the restaurant is near the farms. I just wanted some crops on hand if needed. :)
  13. slash and alex u both are accepted welcome to the group
  14. Can I get the coordinates?
  15. They will be private messaged to you by nick shortly. Nick, I suggest just adding everyone to the conversation and posting the coords there.
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