"The Island" Outpost [Established]

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  1. Outpost Name: The Island
    Founders/Leaders: SkareCboi and smongoman24
    Chest: @ the area locked to 5karecboi, smongoman24 and SkareCboi (in that order) on smp4 Frontier
    - SkareCboi
    - smongoman24
    - 5karecboi
    - 5mongoman24
    - maddie152
    - pererfamily4l
    - Theomight
    - nevermore1144
    EDIT ADD: - soysauce19

    Outpost is INVITE ONLY

    We also want to claim the area 1200 blocks west of The Island, as it is also property of our outpost.
  2. I would like to join as well, not sure what I could bring to the table, just sounds like fun! :)
  3. Tricksh0t5 as I wrote in the OP, the outpost is INVITE ONLY. We only invite new people when we all agree to invite a new member that we find would complement our outpost efforts. With time we may invite new outpost members however these are shosen carefully. There is no application, we decide when and who to invite.
  4. Please have these players, and anyone else who's built anything within 3k, confirm in this thread they are happy to have you as claim owner of the area.
  5. I happy with Skarecboi being Lead holder , i confirm
  6. I also Confirm
  7. I confirm (I'm SkareCboi's alt account)
  8. Still waiting on confirmation from everyone. Then I can get this Established.
  9. no worries, no rush here. smongoman24 has taken a bit of a break from minecraft so hard to get hold of him.
    Maddie152 plays occasionally only so also hard to get in touch with her, But they are part of the outpost so we will wait.
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  10. i confirm for my account and my alt 5mongoman24 and skare also my brother soysauce19 i dont know how much he will be out there just could we add him to the list?
  11. yeah, you are right, I forgot soysauce19 is also part of the outpost too
  12. Location confirmed, a record has been made of your claim to that piece of land. Congratulations!
    Would you like the thread locked or left open?
  13. you can lock the post thanks
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.