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  1. Wild Base: The Island

    Just making this to reserve my base area. Its located quite far out on SMP8, with several locked chest in the area already placed.

    Me (schlaf82)

    Thanks alot=), this is the best you guys have done so far=)
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  2. Location confirmed, a record has been made of your claim to that piece of land. :)
    Would you like the thread locked or left open?
  3. Thanks alot shaunwhite!:)

    Just a question before you can lock the thread.
    How big is "that piece of land" that will be claimed?
    Will it include the iron-farm west of the island? And will it include the castle in the winterlandscape to the northwest?

    Thanks alot all EMC-staff for making it possible to claim land in the wilderness, its gonna make the whole wilderness so much more alive!!!!
  4. As to the size of the land which will be claimed with the dragon egg, that is yet unknown, but it will be expandable with additional eggs. All of the structures you mentioned are within 1k blocks of your 'The Island', so they will be able to be protected in some way once land claiming is officially available, until then we would consider anything which is connected to your base protected under it's cloak, including your iron-farm and castle.
    Any further questions feel free to convo me, i'll lock the thread for you now. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.