The Hunt for old That Poppy (Moriah Poppy) stuff

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  1. Am I the only one who OBSESSED with That Poppy!
    I have done alot of research into her and I know alot :p
    If you dont know That Poppy is a "Art Installation" and she has a character that basically just mocks pop culture and internet culture. She has a youtube channel , a vevo channel, and various other varified social medias. From my research I found out that she had a singing career before under Moriah Poppy and she was quiet famous on youtube. But sadly most evidence of her music has been removed from the internet (her old tweets , youtube videos, original songs) while you can find her song "What if I" on sound cloud, thats it!

    This is where the people of EMC come in! If you have any Moriah Poppy music, videos or anything (not pictures really :p they are easy to find lol)
  2. I was literally just listening to Her song low life, too addicting
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  3. Bump! (There is no formatting here because I am on my phone fyi)