The Hunger Games!

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  1. I am using a modified Survival Games map from PlanetMinecraft. I am taking 23 competitors for the 23 slots. However, if you apply, you can put in your application "Opt for Gamemaker." If we know you. or hear a lot of good things about you and we can get refferals from people, then you will be one of the other 6 Gamemakers.

    After accepting 23 applications, we will select a "Champion" as there are 23 slots, so we will have 11 "Districts" and the "Champion"

    To Apply:
    Why we should accept you?
    Interesting things about you?
    What is your best "career" in minecraft?
    Opt for Gamemaker?

    District 1:

    District 2:

    District 3:

    District 4:

    District 5:

    District 6:

    District 7:

    District 8:

    District 9:

    District 10:

    District 11:


    333kirby (Me)
  2. We've done this 3 times already, theres no pvp here, so it wouldnt work. We've asked the mods and they are thinking about it. PLEASE stop posting these threads, none of them are official and cant be played on EMC. I would love to play on this and opt for District 9 male, but Dont post in Community discussion because you arent even playing on this server.
  3. Requesting that a mod close this as I have moved it into General Minecraft Discussion. My apologies.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.