The Hunger Games

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  1. So, has anyone else here read the book/seen the movie? I honestly found it quite riveting -- imperfect, but pleasant.

    I suppose the book > movie here too, but only barely. Those effects made my jaw drop.
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  2. Read all the books. Awesome.
  3. im reading mockinjay right now! i lurve it and i want MOAR!!!!!! :D a server based on the hunger games would


    outshine EMC :D
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  4. Meh, if I were to give it any criticism I would say that they missed out heaps from the book. Also they could have added more action to the movie. But overall it was a good watch, I liked it.
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  6. Spoiler Alert: Besides the Avox, Madge, and some parts of the game (like how Cato suffered through the night) I think it was pretty spot on. I definitley enjoyed the book more, but how many books do you know where the movie is better. I overall thought it was very well done. (I liked the Hunger Games when they were still the Slightly Famished Games)
  7. I've been in one before, just not on EMC. Thomas Jefferson got 1 kill and got annihilated with sand.
  8. This would be beast. The guys (mods and admins) could make maps for each hunger games, and then you could make an official server, where 24 people can play, and 36 can watch, and send in items via dispensers on the roof. I think it would be a friendly way to introduce pvp, because its not personal, its just fighting to survive.


    We could do it so each server sends a boy and a girl, with 16 playing and 44 watching
  9. Spending some time setting up the map would pay off. Sending a boy/girl might not work, based on who's interested in going to the games. And I think having people be "ghosts" as spectators (specter spectators?) would allow everyone to see what was going on.

    In terms of actual play, if a player dies or signs off, they lose. In order to keep the games from becoming boring if ppl just try to hide, however, the gamemaker (mod/admin/whoever) would have to encourage them to move together. Possibly through feasts etc.
  10. With moving them together, the fire charge to make the fire from hunger games 1, the 13 disc to sound creepy from catching fire, wolves, monster spawn from an egg dispenser.
  11. I just have to go in here and say that the Author of The Hunger Games lives in my town. It is a great book and i am looking forward to watching the movie.
  12. awesome movie
  13. Love the idea
  14. I Envy you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much. If you see Suzanne Collins i wil cry on the spot Jk. But I have been a fan since The Huger Games 1st came out in 06.
  15. Awesome idea =O
  16. let me run a poll...why didn't I do that
  17. come on guys! we need mods to ok this! can someone PM a mod or even better, justin, to come see this thread???
  18. wow i read the books the second they came out the first one i had finished a week after it came out :D
  19. Yeah it is a great series. The idea of having a hunger games server would be the best. Her daughter is also in my grade lol.
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  20. hunger games server :cool: I've been begging justin for one forever