The hockey love thread!!!

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  1. So, i have been thinking about this thread for a while! and i just love hockey!! in this thread. we talk about the Drama of hockey and favorite teams,players and even some screen shoots! i personally love hockey. I'm even on a team. so, to start off. My favorite team is the Boston Bruins :) i just love there team. i don't really have a favorite player. but what i do have is screen shots!!! NOTE: THeese are random pictures i found. Remember to name ur favorite team!!!

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  2. Hockey BUMB!!!

    Get it?
  3. Islander FTW!!!
  4. Do you have a favorite player? Huh? Huh?
    Some Screenshots
    News Flashes?!
  5. Yes I do actually, they are on my 3DS apparently ;-; but my favorite player has to be the goalie, Jaroslav Halak.
    They made it to the play offs in 2015, but as usual they always lose on round 1 :/ and yet, let's hope this year is a whole lot better
  6. Yea same with the bruins.. but they didn't make it in, i do like Jaroslav He's good. but I'm kinda mad at the new GM for the bruins he made some bad trades, He Traded my favorite player Milan Lucic, i was so mad.
  7. Lucic is good but if I have to choose Lucic or Chara, I would choose Chara since he is a human giraffe
  8. Haha xD. But i have to disagree. Lucic To me. Is faster a better scorer and yeah. Chara is a good defenseman, but i think lucic is a little better. he is a Human Giraffe. but that doesn't help much :p
  9. Yeah I have to admit that. But other than boston, i wanna pack the ca!!! lol, anyways I hope to see some islander games in barclays, I will miss the barn, but times can't stay golden :(
  10. Very true.

  11. Hehe Islanders VS Bruins..
  12. And who won that game?
  13. No idea. just looked it up. found the picture and put it in

  14. Hockey BUMB!!!!
  15. Bumb!!! Wheres The hockey lovers at?!
  16. I'm a New York Rangers fan, and I have too many favorite players on the team, but I always love our goalie Henrik Lundqvist, aka The King
  17. Good Choice. As You Know Bruins And Rangers Are Rivals :confused: but anyway… Yeah Henrik Is A Good Goalie. Im Not A BIG Fan Of Him But He's Good.
  18. What hockey team do you play for?
  19. Are you into field hockey?
  20. I play for a team called the huskies… And Im Not Very Into Field Hockey :confused:
    And What Are You Guys Favorite NHL Teams? thats what i really wanted hear :)