The history of EMC

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  1. I was just wondering what the history of EMC was. Can someone such as ICC or JustinGuy explain what happened from day 1?
  2. Day 1, EMC is made. Day 2-Now, EPICNESS!
  3. -EMC started around about 1.6.6 (mc version ), i joined in 1.7.3.
    -They use to have 4 worlds , town, nether, wild, wasteland (it got removed):(, utopia (all in smp1). smp1 was the first ever server,
    -this site was made in august last year.
    -/shop,/home was added also in august
    -smp2 was launched in nov last year, i am the first people who claimed a res in smp2!
    -this is my 171st day on emc, ask justin for more information
    -emc arena was added than shortly deleted
    -diamond was 20r!
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  5. Day one: Empire Minecraft
    Day two: Donations
    Day three: ???
    Day four: Profit.