The Harlem Shake at EMC

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Will you join us?

yes 3 vote(s) 42.9%
no 4 vote(s) 57.1%
  1. Hi

    Just for fun i would like to arrange a event if mods and people will help me :D

    We could do the Harlem Shake (Youtube Hit)

    My idea is to have as many members together at a res with a EMC banner in the background with EMPIRE MINECRAFT on it.

    I need help with the cameras and someone to clip it :p im not good at that.

    And moderator to maybe raise the server limit so we can have as many as possible to join it.
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  3. and asked a mod right now and they cant so this is the right place to have the thread
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  4. I just feel my sticky keys acting up... :p

  5. I made one on Valentines Day in which ICC put it up on the EMC YouTube and ICC made one in which he asked server wide to make one. You can certainly make another one tho :D
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  6. Aaaahhh..... Planking, milking, owling, shuffling, Gangnam Style, etc.
    And now this.
    I personally found it funny when I first watched it, then it went downhill (straight down) from there.
    Just another viral video that is a fad for 3 months. Like Slender. Omg. Don't get me started on Slender.