The Hall of The Community Gods

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  1. I will structure this thread better once I get the lot,start building, and have a more formed idea of what exactly to do with it. More will be posted later. Tell me what you guys think of this idea.

    1. Plan :
    My general idea so far for this is to be a tribute of sorts to helpful members of the community. It will be based on smp2, but will be a tribute to members from all over the Empire. It isn't going to be people I deem either. No one( not even staff or I) will make it into the hall unless the members of the community vote them in. Once I'm finished with the building itself, voting will begin. I'm thinking anywhere from once a week to once a month, the community will vote on 1 or 2 members to be added into the Hall.

    2. Screenshots:


    4. Voting Threads:

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  2. Sounds good :) So kind of a "Hall of Fame"
  3. I was going to call it The Hall of The Well-Known Members at first.
  4. "The Hall of the Respected"