The Greatest Texture Pack for Pictures?

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by Sir_Creeper, Dec 2, 2011.

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  2. Wow that is nice!
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  3. It makes the Pine Logs in my house look beautiful, too.

    Here is another look at pictures using a different texture pack. It's dark, though. Not my favorite.

  4. Hehe this happens to be the texture pack I am using right now. However I am running 128x xD. Still amazing quality though.
  5. Sir_Creeper and I are also running 128x.

    256x makes my computer get really angry and start to growl and get all warm and stuff. I don't like that.
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  6. This is the one I am using as well. It makes me feel like I'm playing Comic Book Craft. :)
  7. I run 512x textures before and even though the resolution quality is great it's not worth the lag trade off lol
  8. I guess Sphax said he was working on more texture packs. Spacey ones and other themes. But what I like the most about the ones he makes is that he doesn't try and make it look "real" with google images and such. He tries to make it look good.

    Though I think the Stone Brick could be more... bricky. Maybe I'll just replace it with a desaturated version of the normal brick.
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  9. Wery NICE !!!!