The Great SMP3 Quartz Shortage (Kind of like the SMP8 thread)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ChamelonNYC, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. As the title says, SMP3 was out of quartz. So, as any good citizens would do, we rioted.
    So, we decided to burn quartz as we rioted that we were out of quartz.

    (Thanks, Zoco, for the nightmares)

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  2. This will be put into the SMP3 history books.
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  3. Wait, how would you burn quartz if you have no quartz? I'm confused
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  4. It was a joke ;)
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  5. Tz was out of quartz, and we then burned the stored quartz we had lying around.
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  6. I love the logic of "We have no quartz! Lets burn it to show our protest." I think smp6 needs to do this as well, as I always have problems with finding quartz :p
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  7. Yup, we had a fun time. I summoned Illumisquary, the Illuminati of Minecraft. I got a pumpkin named "Illumisquary Minion Head" , so... I am now part of his minions. His mission is to live up to his older brother, Illuminati, and to be MLGer than him. I am helping it become more and more MLG erry dai(yes, I misspelled it on purpose). You can actually come to my res and see it in front of my shop in an item frame.Be careful, though, as by viewing it you agree to the Illumisquary Terms of Service. Illumisquary Terms of Service : By looking at the Illumisquary head, you will become one too. However, you can choose to be a minion. Go in the shop, and buy the Illumisquary Minion Head for 10r. This will be donated to the Illumisquary Become MLG ProgramĀ®, and will help Illumisquary. Thank you for reading the Illumisquary Terms of Service. To view and/or get the Illumisquary Minion Head, do this command in-game:/v Zoco6446
    Thank you for your time.
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