The Great Sheep Escape

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  1. Hello EMC,

    I have created this thread upon request (by iLikeMuffins11) so she can figure out why her sheep are escaping from the pen.

    The sheep are penned in.
    There are no fence gates.
    I use the RTS to get in. There in no RTS out.

    2012-10-07_16.20.16.png 2012-10-07_16.20.44.png 2012-10-07_16.21.12.png
  2. What texture pack is this?
  3. The sheep somehow are able to jump on each other and then jump out. I would make the fences 2 high and put on a roof.
  4. Dokucraft
  5. Dokucraft revival.

    Hasn't she heard that mobs are VERY buggy in multiplayer? You need flowing water to keep them in their pens, otherwise they'll glitch into the walls and never come back out.
  6. Revival? Never heard of it.
  7. Dokucraft was given up on by Doku, so fans continued it and called it dokucraft revival.
  8. Why would they give up...Its a good texture.
  9. Because Doku stopped playing Minecraft around beta 1.6.
  10. Fences to keep sheep in should be at least two high and two thick to prevent the sheep from glitching out of the pen.