The Great Set Of Armor!

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  1. The Great Set Of Armor!

    This set of Armor that also comes with weapons is a great way to survive and thrive in the wild!
    How much does this auction start at? 250r
    What time does this auction end? 24 Hours after the last bid
    What are these enchantments?
    Where Will the winner go to pick the Auction up? My res 8554 on Smp4
    Protection 4, Thorns 2 Diamond chest plate x1
    Fire Protection 3, Aqua Affinity 1 Diamond Helmet x1
    Fire Protection 2, Diamond Leggings x1
    Projectile Projection 4 Diamond Boots x1
    Looting 1, Smite 2, Knock back 1, Diamond Sword x1
    Flame 1,Punch 1, Power 4 Enchanted Bow x1

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  2. 250
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  3. Might want to add minimum bid increment.
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  4. Minimum Bid Increase is 200r :)
  5. This auction is now at 7k!:)
  6. I'm so sorry about that :( my bad
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.