The Great Parkour of smp5!

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  1. Hello EMC,
    You may remember a thread about this a while back. I asked for it to be closed so I could make a new one. Well, here it is!

    I have a res dedicated to parkour on smp5. The res #'s are 10462 and 10463. There are a total of 15 courses right now. Here are some screenshots of each of the courses:
    2012-10-08_15.41.23.png 2012-10-08_15.41.48.png 2012-10-08_15.42.08.png 2012-10-08_15.42.29.png 2012-10-08_15.43.01.png 2012-10-08_15.43.22.png 2012-10-08_15.43.38.png 2012-10-08_15.44.06.png 2012-10-08_15.44.23.png 2012-10-08_15.44.56.png 2012-10-08_15.45.35.png 2012-10-08_15.48.14.png
  2. How to sponsor a course:

    Just donate a stack of the material that you want me to make the course out of. No rupees needed. Please, no dirt.

    I will probably think of more things...

  3. How about mushroom blocks?