The great Mining Contest!

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  1. Hello everyone, So i have been thinking for a long time now, and now my planning has paid off! I have been collecting ORE'S, i have enough to fill a full underground of a lot with them, enough to feel like a real wild. The contest is contenders go on a lot and have to mine around for ores. Then to win, after the time is up, you will put all the findings you have gathered in a chest, who ever has the most things will keep all the items they found and get a rupees prize, everyone else must put the ores they collected back into the chest. Also each contestant will have a "watcher"Who will watch them and count how much ore they find , so I know that they are not stealing.If you get accepted, to attend a 400r Entry fee is required :)

    Money Prizes:
    1st Place: 1k And a badge :)
    2nd Place: 400r
    3rd Place: 10or

    To enter:

    Player Refferal: ( Someone who can say your trustworthy) But alexschrod your good :D
    Thats all!! Just Pm me if you want more Details! :D

    Donations are Welcome! Will update prizes Accordingly!

    EDIT: If you FInd the lucky -Diamond- Ore you will get a 1k prize :D
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  2. Name:miciman123
    Player Refferal: CUB3R0BB3r

    when does it start?
  3. when i get 5 people! :)
  4. Il do this, referal...Im a 'member' on the forums but I can get someone from smo6 to pm you if needed
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  5. Also is there diamond ore?
  6. there may be... youll have to mine to find out! :D
  7. Name:cube45
    Player Referl:zane20062
  8. Name : Iceraider14
    Refferal: Bennyt8
  9. Im waiting on your refferals!
  10. 400R to enter but the prizes is low?

    -You should make the prizes higher and let ALL keep the stuff they find.