the great farm.

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  1. hey guys, i am organising a build for an xp farm in the nether. because of the high greif rate only a small few will be part of the build and be able to use it, it is based on the xp farm in the end piston powerd pushers 24 as high as possible into 2 block deep water stopped by signs if you would like to be part of the build please pm me if you have any extra pistons please donate them to the build not that this will be compleatly coverd with terrain on the top thus stopping the live map showing it.
  2. Seeing as you are a non-supporter, people WILL stalk you... trust me I did something like this but with a community wild spawner....
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  3. Water will not work in 1.3 in the nether. However, I think you can substitute vines.