The Great Empirian War: SMP4

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by karatekick2001, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. Hello all, karatekick2001 here.
    One night while logging on to EMC, I heard rumors about SMP4 preparing to NUKE other servers! SMP9, being the greatest, immediately jumped into action, preparing all sorts of defenses and training. We are here to warn you, SMP4. You will perish, along with Carl the Magnificent!
    Join us other SMP's, and we will conquer SMP4!

    NOTE: Yes, this is non-pvp, you won't die ;)
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  2. *hides in a corner and builds a nuclear bomb shelter*
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  3. I'm from smp4 and no we're not trying to take over other servers.
  4. But smp4 is the best one!
  5. And we have our defenses so no you can't get us we are spring loaded with defenses.
  6. I'm training up some chickens, I didn't start this war, but I'll fight for my homeland.
  7. I don't want to involve myself in war, but if it comes to it, I'd be happy to supply a couple DCs of nukes for the homeland of smp8 :p

    P.S: Smp8 will destroy you.
  8. im from smp4, but i am friendly. i do not "nuke" people ;) i will not represent any server if it is being blamed for "nuking" or "griefing". That is wrong.
  9. Lol, I don't think anyone is being blamed for griefing :p
  10. Ok to all of smp4 if they want war we give them war! TO SMP4!!!!!!!!
  11. im just saying if the "NUKING" actually happens, like if a bomb goes off on some other smp, I do not want to be a part of this :p
    was basically looking @ this when i said that
  12. Me too my home server the safe place where I felt at home I must protect it!
  13. Oh haha lol, okay :p good.
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  14. Kevmeup, cadenman2002, and bro_im_infinite all of you ate from smp4 protect it with everything you have.
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  15. who needs SMP4 when u got SMP2 we don't care about our peoples hunger we invest all of our money in explosives so be jelly. Oh try to nuke SMP2 krysyy will protect activate the tardis and create a huge forcefield over smp2
  16. And then your promo shop will run us all out of business lol
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  17. I am not from smp4 :p I'm smp8, all day ery day :)
  18. *Launches tekkit*

    In other news... A fallout shelter has begun construction on smp2...
  19. Lmaoo xD that is why I enjoy Tekkit. Nukes.

    'Nuff said.