The graveyard!

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  1. Ok lately i have been wondering, what or where the graveyard is? Is it a actual graveyard or something else? Plz help
  2. The graveyard is on smp1, you type in /graveyard to get there. It is a necropolis to all the members who failed to bring down the empire :)
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  3. Idea for Halloween next year: Dawn of the Dead/Empire strikes back? :p (Zombies in town, empire members must kill em? :p)
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  4. Now that would be really fun K3nzz01, but I doubt that Justin and Jeremy will go for it. But it is something to hope for!
  5. Maybe not only zombies, but have different sections with different mobs! One for creepers, one for zombies, one for skeletons, one for spiders, one for cave spiders, one for silverfish, one for endermen, one for zombie pigmen, one for ghasts, one for magma cubes, and the most highly trafficked ones, blaze and slimes. Also one with everything. Then different people could fight whatever they want without playing to their weaknesses (ex. ranged fighters could kill creepers and ghasts, but melee fighters could avoid these), allowing fun for noobs who want to fight zombies for exp.

    On a side note, although this would be AWESOME, I don't think it'll come about.
  6. post screen shots?
  7. It is totally worth going to visit in person. They put a lot of work into it and I think it is a fitting and creative memorial to those who have attempted to destroy the Empire.
  8. Sadly, the Graveyard has not been updated in a long while. Many of the banned users of now are not on the lists.
  9. Jeremy updates it in batches, he doesn't do it every day :)
  10. Yeah, people and probably the server would go mad ^^ Still, resurrecting the dead is fun! nyezz....
  11. That would be awesome get ur gear and wait cross ur fingers for this next Halloween!