The Good Dogs's clan.

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  1. We are a mining clan based in SMP3. It is run by myself and Deadscopez12. You can join, but one does not simply join the Good Dog's clan. To join, you must fill out the following.

    MC username:
    Have you had any kicks/bans? (If you have gotten kicked for yelling, it will not affected your chance for joining, since we are in the wild but if you DO yell a lot, you will be asked to stop. Keep yelling, and you may be asked to leave. Other rules remain the same, no swearing, no profanity, and NO griefing. If you grief/loot, you WILL be reported and have your member ship revoked.)
    Time on EMC:
    Time on MC

    If you are accepted, you will not be given your share of the profits for a week. This is so if you do grief/loot, you will have not been payed during your time. The cords will be given ONLY to group members.
  2. I'll join:)
  3. Please fill out the chart. I will then send it to deadscopez12/
  4. Oh yea kicks or bans from emc.....1 hour a day....l
  5. No, by time on EMC and MC, I mean the time you have played on the sever and the time you have owned MC.
  6. Ohhhh I've played emc for 1 month and minecraft for a year
  7. Sorry for being a pain but could you maybe put this all together? :)
  8. Upon entering, would we be informed of...Procedures and such? Do we keep what we mine? Do we sell ourselves out to mine for others? I'm just curious. Another reason for me to consider moving to smp3. It will also give me a chance to better plan out my house, via graph paper and such. I'm just about at the edge to move. Not too many reasons to stay. I suppose I'll fill out an application as a place holder for the future.

    MC username: Srgntcuddles(As seen on TV, hur hur)
    Have you had any kicks/bans? Negative. I try to remind others of the rules.
    Time on EMC: A week ish? Not terribly long no, but I'm trustworthy...Just look at that face! *points to avatar*
    Time on MC: Few years, though this is my first long term online play with a community. I've played privately with friends on a personally owned server.

    I'm hoping I am allowed in, this seems like it could be fun. I was actually thinking of a sort of "guild" in EMC, but I lack friends. Joining yours works, maybe we can work together and make it even better. I hope to hear from you soon! ^^
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  9. After the first week, you get a share of what we make off the ores. Your cut will be determined by your working.

    I will send this to Deadscopez12. I think you would be great for the team!
  10. MC User: Jackomighty
    Kicks/Bans: On one right now =D My first ban :O 48 Hour for "Encouraging bad behavior" (I plead innocent :D)
    Time on EMC: I believe just under a month now
    Time on MC: 3 months
    And you know me! (Which may be a bad thing =D)
  11. MrSmiley99
    Year and a half.
    I hope I get in, communities are fun!
  12. Oh yea kicks or bans from emc.....1 month on emc and 8 months on mc
  13. Cuddles :D you should really move to smp3! We need more fun people :)