The Golden Sun Castle

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  1. It's me SilentNinja15! If you want good items at great prices then mark your calenders because in two weeks im opening up my shop containing tons of items im having help from my friend jreerymonkey on this but we need your help any and all donations are accepted at my lot for i am building a castle dedicated to the game Golden Sun the towers represent the four elements in the game earth,wind,water,and fire. Thats just the wall that I've got so far! Go to lot 2131 to see what im talking about. I have 3 towers currently containing unfinished shops ,but there are things for purchase at really cheap prices.This is just one of my many creations that Ive made out of many others but i felt as though Empire would be a good place too add one of my creations! So to help progress my creations all i ask is if you could donate some things to my castle while im online whoever does donate while im on i shall add their name to a wall of contributers which ill add in the end ill write down the names so i wont forget but please only donate while im on or your items may blip out and ill never know you donated.I also ask that people wont abuse that and give me things just like single blocks of dirt.I need things like bookshelfs wool,cobble,glass etc. I thank you all for being great Minecrafters and I thank the owner for setting up such a great and successful server! -SilentNinja15
  2. I also ask that whomever has played Golden Sun could give me a few ideas ,your idea could end up being a reality! Get creative have fun with it cause you'll never know whom i may add to my castle!
  3. You could also tell me via this thread what you will donate that way i know what to expect. This is not required it would only make it easy for me to keep up to date on what we'll be getting. Thanks!
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  5. Repost what, the article? please explain
  6. Also tell me what you think of my castle so far as of right now i have completed the wall the 4 elemental towers and i am now working on the construction of the main tower hovering in the middle I have also started on the garden that will be on the first floor and i am planning on entering the machine contest and win i would like to win i have great ideas and everything my ideas are under wraps for right now ill open it to the public after completion.All i can tell you is that it involves pistons dispensers and water. Ill leave you to figure the rest out :)
  7. your donations will now go towards two things mainly the construction of the castle and secondery the main towers and outside decor will now be a focus of my associate jreerymonkey where he and I will build the greatest castle know to Minecrafters everywhere what you see as of right now is the veins beneath as a compaison the "skin" of the castle is now inprogress i am thinking about changing some hings to smooth stone which will give it a more cooler appearance thanks again for donating and i am still looking forward to more donations i appreate the help from everyone!
  8. dude you keep posting more info and telling people to comment but nobody has comment and nobody probably will if you sep posting more info
  9. eh its worth a shot just want to keep the people updated
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