The glorious downfall of glowstone, the introduction of bottles o' enchanting, and authors!

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was 1.3.1 beneficial to EMC?

Yes. 10 vote(s) 83.3%
No. 2 vote(s) 16.7%
Yes, No. State why in the thread below. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
indifferent. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. ok so clearly by that big post on the front page, 1.3.1 is out! this means that we now have villager trading! but what does that mean? well now firstly we can have bottles o' enchanting, and also we can trade simple paper for emeralds!
    but Bobert, if we can get renewable emeralds, doesnt that mean that things like glowstone that can be traded for with emeralds will crash the market for those items?
    obviously. but i think that's good! that means that glowstone will be even easier to get for everybody! if you get a single reed, a source of water, and a villager egg (and a stick to eggify) you can easily get infinite glowstone! how? simple!
    1. take that source of water. place it down.
    2. place your reed down.
    3. wait.
    4. make paper.
    5. after about making 21 paper you can spawn a villager (enclose them!!!)
    6. spawn and eggify until you find one that trades emeralds for paper (the ones in the white coats)
    7. trade for the emerald.
    8. eggify the villager and spawn him until you get a priest (purple coat)
    9. if he trades for glowstone, you finished it!
    HINT: the more reeds you grow, the more paper you can get, meaning more emeralds you can get per visit, meaning more glowstone!
    this also works for things like the bottles mentioned above, also with DIAMOND TOOLS and armor.
    Post your opinion on what you think will happen with the enchanting market, the glowstone market, and how the emeralds will fare in the new world of 1.3.1!
  2. If this makes it easier to get bottles'o enchanting, people can enchant their own items, so it might lower the price.
  3. Yes, the Entire economy is changing. 1.3.1 is going to cause massive price shifts, and then our new shop system will also change the flow of the economy too.

    While the shop system wouldn't of changed prices too drastically, the 1.3.1 does, so pretty much everything is changing, and people will need to adapt to it.

    It doesn't matter if its "beneficial" or not, because its now Vanilla and what Mojang intends for MC to be.

    The way economies are meant to behave is you trade one type of effort for another.

    For example, Don't want to risk mining glowstone, but you're fine with mining cobble, smelting it and selling smooth stone easy and consistent? You put in the labor to do the smoothstone, and trade it for rupees which are then traded for glowstone.

    You're still putting in effort, just in your own ways. The person who takes the risk for glowstone gets more profit, and in turn earns even more money for the things they want to buy.

    Even if prices do fall, it won't change too much.

    32 Coal is worth 64r, and 64r can buy almost a stack of wood.

    So if coal falls to 32r, and wood to 35r~, then essentially nothing has changed except that the value of a rupee actually is increased, and you can buy more for your money.

    Also, Enchanting market is going to crash regardless of villager trading, because its overall easier to EXP.
    But we LOVE this idea, as ICC said:
    Now players can actually make use of part of the game without doing boring things such as afk then punching mobs for 2 hours just to get an Unbreaking 3 Pickaxe.

    Now enchanted items will be a normal thing even the lower end players can experience.

    TLDR: Things will be fine, just change has/is coming, and you will have to adapt.
  4. agreed, grinding at spawners is boring and not the intention of the game!
  5. I love 1.3.1. Writing books RULES!