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  1. Staff note: Please do not post any current glitches here. Instead, please PM them to the Bug Team. :)

    As you know, there have been many glitches in Minecraft. This thread will be used to post any descriptions or screenshots of glitches that you have found. Mine will be glitches that took place in 1.3. You can have glitch screenshots from any version however. Note: if any glitches took place on a server, please either blur out the server name or post glitches that do not have the server name in them. Unless they happened on the empire of course.

    Here are my photos:
    2012-08-01_19.46.35_2.png 2012-08-02_07.46.52.png

    As you can see, they are both odd mob glitches. In the first, the squids in the image were floating. Yes. And in the second image, you can see I am using a texture pack, and there are four EnderDragons in the picture. Four. As I said earlier, anyone is welcome to post any pictures of their glitches. Remember to blur out server names in the chat if any!
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  2. any response?
  3. I remember the flying squids... There was no potatoes then... :(

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  4. Yeah... That was on my private server for me and my friends. It used the vanilla server software.
  5. Just an average day of squids flying around
  6. There is a glitch happened with me a week ago (1.5.2) it's an xp glitch. When i tried to repair my pickaxe it costs 39. Then i repaired it and my xp is unchanged. Another time i was in the xp farm and i reached lvl 40 And i noticed that my xp back to lvl 21.

    I thing this glitch with emc not all minecraft
  7. Ever start a single player world and spawn in 150 blocks into the air? happened to me (but I have no pic)(I also cant remember what version it was)
  8. A glitch just happened to me a few minutes ago. I was spawning sheep and it spawned a pink sheep. I don't think this is supposed to happen correct?
  9. It is possible to spawn pink sheep. it's. even possible to find it in vanilla minecraft. But it is very rare.
  10. oh really? everyone I asked said it isn't possible. Glad to know that it's not a glitch though.
  11. Meh. I wouldn't know. I started playing in beta 1.8. It was probably before that. If anyone would notice, the EnderDragon picture has four dragons in it. I tried shooting them with my bow and they were all legit.
  12. Staff noteā€¦ :p
  13. It is, its just an INCREDIBLY rare chance, emphasis on INCREDIBLY xD
  14. I found one in the wild but then eggified it... XD
  15. 0.5% chance. So yes, incredibly.
  16. No. It was a glitch from an anvil. If you were not using English as your language, repairing would cost nothing.
  17. I have seen 3 pink sheep on a brand new minecraft world within 15 block of each other all on a survival island...
  18. I use english