The gaming fact thread!

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  1. Have any facts about a video game you play? Post them here.

    First off, TF2 facts, as that's what I have been playing ATM. Most of these are going to be from the Meet the team videos.

    *Sniper facts*
    A billboard in Meet the Sniper says "FOAD, camping fun, all year round!", in reference to his camping style, and FOAD stands for **** off and die, which is usually aimed at snipers by other mad players.

    The sniper drinks decaf coffee, as suggest by the orange rim on his coffee pot. This is most likely to keep his nerves down.

    More coming soon.
  2. Valve writes
    'copyright lololololol'
    at the bottom of the 'meet the' intro pics.
  3. In Meet the Sandvich, instead of "copyright lolololol" it says, "copyright omnomom".
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  4. Minecraft facts: You will die eventually, but you will respawn!
  5. Scout facts

    1. In Meet the Scout, when the Scout pokes the camera, it leaves finger prints which are there for the rest of the video
    2. The Scout moves faster in Meet the Scout then he does in the game, which explains why he doesn't take damage when running past the sentry
  6. Minecraft facts.

    If you look at a enderman, the enderman looks back.
  7. Will you please give some facts people might not know...
  8. the balls the Sandman hits are 'All Ballers League' brand balls
    4 classes are known smokers: the Demoman, the Sniper, the Soldier and the Spy
    the Heavy cannot be stunned while eating his Sandvich
    on 17th May 2009, Meet the Spy was leaked onto Youtube
    Meet the Spy is the first Meet the Team video to have someone killed by their own teammate
    all classes except the Scout and possibly the Pyro have either stubble or facial hair
    in Meet the Spy, the apparant Scout touches the intelligence, though in-game this would cause him to lose his disguise
    thats it. for now