The Gaming Blue Ninja Outpost [Established]

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by legokeeper2975, May 17, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone. I am working to create an outpost for my youtube channel. Also for people to enjoy survival challenges in EMC's wild. I am the leader/ owner. The cordinates to the base is: x-(-9359) Y-(71) Z-( 7172) There is a locked chest at the building.
  2. Server?
  3. smp 5. sorry knew i was forgeting something
  4. I didnt do a very good job at explaining this. Its south of the west outpost in the wilderness on smp 5
  5. Are you wanting to establish this base? is that what the threads for?
  6. Yes i am trying to establish this base
  7. I am also a member of this outpost. So if I am also able to help with any questions if you can not reach legokeeper.
  8. OK. I can look into this. But first thing you need to do is have every player who has built at the location or within 3k of the location, post in this thread confirming they are happy to have you as owner of the established area.
  9. Ok thank you NZScruffy. ill be sure to do so! :D
  10. I am happy with it;)
  11. I believe that is everyone within the 3k radius
  12. Hey guys recorded some EMC earlier. What do you guys think about having a series for the members of the outpost? Would you mind if i recorded some of our adventures?
  13. I'm cool with that.:D
  14. Yup.
    Just I need to record too lol
  15. ok cool. next time i record ill be sure to let you guys know!
  16. Plan on recording on sunday. If anyone wants to join come on out!
  17. Do you guys know of anyone else around the outpost? If you are please message me.
  18. Whoo! Outpost is now established thx moderators :D
  19. By the way anyone can join. The only requirement is to have fun!