The Game!

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  1. If you already play the game, you lost.
    You are now playing The Game!
    Here are the rules of The Game:
    You cannot quitThe Game.
    You cannot win The Game. (unless you're Charlie Sheen)
    If you think about The Game(which includes hearing it or about it), you lose.

    If you lose The Game, you must say to somebody "I lost!".
    When you lose The Game, you are out of The Game for half an hour.
    After that half hour, you are back in The Game and are able to lose again.
    The point of The Game is to get everybody in the world to play The Game.

    You just lost. This means you must tell somebody the exact phrase "I lost!" or post it on this thread! You're out of The Game for the next half hour because you lost, but in half an hour, you're back in, and if you think about it, you'll lose again.
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  2. I'm not charlie sheen but I still won the game. I don't see why you would make such crude remarks.
  3. Im Charlie Sheen.
  4. I have been winning the game since January, 20, some random year.
  5. u made me loose... i started freshman year playing with all my friends
  6. I just won the game dang it!
    There are many differents ways to "win the game".
    These are sone I have heard.
    1) Get both (or either) the pope and/or the Prime Minister of Great Britain to announce on international television that the game is cancelled.
    2) Say 'moo' completely out of context without ever thinking about the game EVER. This way, if you rejoice in your victory, it is renounced.
    IMO, you cannot win the game; you can only lose. Winning would take away all the fun :D