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  1. is there a game that you can play on this?
  2. cuz i dont know how to play
  3. Minecraft.
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  4. Not Bad Obama.jpg
    Well played....
    Also. I lost the game after winning the game for over 3 months.
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  6. I lost the game.
  7. *no comment*
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  8. Darn i lost.
  9. If you really are 34, you're already playing the game and this is part of it.
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  10. Step 1. Go Here.
    Step 2. Copy a server address.
    Step 3. Login to Minecraft client.
    Step 4. Press Multiplayer.
    Step 5. Press Add Server
    Step 6. Name the server and paste the address to the server you want to go to.
    Step 7. There you go.
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  11. Thanks Pandas for reminding me that pieawesome may be sincerely asking for help.
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  13. You're welcome. xD I just thought I'd try to save us all more headache.


    I could have posted this, he is The Game after all.
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  15. Man, forums are just brimming with trolls tonight, eh? Thank you for helping the player, Panda. :p

    As for the rest of you:
  16. What i am doing after reading this whole thread
    Do what.jpg
  17. Lol No problem.
  18. You see, minecraft is a game within a game!
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  19. You 34 !? Do I refer you as sir !?
    If you don't know how to play minecraft SIR, check out YouTube. I am sure there are plenty of videos!