The Funny Video Thread v.2

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  1. I think there used to be another one, so this is #2.
    Reactions may range from funny to thoroughly disturbed.

    Okay, this one is just funny.

    Winner of the Internet.

  2. Might not be for everyone.
    Does contain mild language and vulgarity so if you don't want to hear any just ignore the video.
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  3. I've seen this one like 20 times and I still laugh every darn time.

    And here's a classic just in case you haven't seen it:
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  4. No.
  5. No what?
  6. I do not find Chocolate Sauce funny... at all.
  7. I don't care if you found it funny. I found it to be funny. Not all these videos are funny and I don't post hate comments on them.
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  8. This is some Army humor for those not offended by vulgar language. NSFW for those not in the military. :)

    Before Goats screaming like humans loses the attention of the internet:

    More Old Spice humor:
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  9. Warning, contains profanity. IMO the beginning is the funniest part.
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