The Foxy Pirate Crew: Alliance Recruitment

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  1. Do you want t' be in a hearty crew? Well look no further than pirates like us!

    There has been water boiling between the two biggest pirates alive on EMC.
    The Lucky Pirates have called battle against the friendly robotic clan of Foxys.

    We now realize we need to put aside our raging souls to recruit other pirates

    Post here to which outpost you are affiliated (if applicable) along with a pledge clearly stating your terms of alliance.
    If you are the leader of an outpost, state the fact.

    To Join:
    1. To be a pirate, you must build with skill!
    2.When yer on deck, you are expected to be savage in pvp!
    3.Ye must listen to Foxy and his minions!
    4. Spread our might to other smps with mines and factories!
  2. Current Members

    1. mustanglover25
    2. cj12115
    3. EyeBall_Of_Glory
    4. Direwolf10000
    5. redneckpeck
    6. crazy_X_gamer
    7. L1K34K1NG
    8. batroach
    9. MrAwesome6295


    1. Vulcan Mine (Smp6) [In Building Stage 2]
    2. Foidel Creek Mine (Smp9) [In building Stage]
    Foxy's Industries control all mines

    1. South of Vulcan Mines No name yet (smp6) [Planning stage]
    2. Currently east of Fidel Creek mine (smp9) [Rebuild State]
    All will be under Foxy Industries, individual names are claimed when in building stage.


    1. Hickory Hills (smp7) [Established]
  3. What is this besides spamming the forums?
  4. Wait a few minutes. The "reserved" means they will be used later.
  5. ...I prefer having a staff on board so I will join the other one.
  6. Sure I can join.
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  7. What is this? PvP team?
  8. I shall join.
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  9. I might join....
  10. You wouldn't be treated differently :p
  11. Bump currently setting up mines
  12. Where do we go for more information
  13. What information are you trying to look for? If you need questions awensered, just message me privatly