The Football Love Thread

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  1. Hey Empire

    I have had this in mind now but I have decided to make it now.
    Its called the Football Love Thread
    I'm aware in America this sport is called Soccer but I live in the United Kingdom We call it Football and it is our most popular sport we have over 92+stadiums and 4 different leagues plus we have conference leagues is well.
    For this thread there are no rules all you do is post anything about football.
    It could be you about your favorite club, stadium, league, players, goals etc

    My Favorites

    Club: Manchester United
    Player: Ander Herrera
    Stadium: Wembly Stadium
    League: Barclays Premier League

    I would love to see your opinions on football and what your favorite are. :)

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  2. I have watch that video loads of times. It makes me think "Poor guy."
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  3. Why didnt anyone think of this before? :confused:
    My Favorites

    Club: Chelsea
    Player: Courtois
    Stadium: AMEX
    League: Barclays Premier League
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  4. I hate football. It seems to make all my friends turn aggressive and offensive. I have no idea how it became so massive and well-loved, but all I see it for is an aggressive festival of overpriced people and expensive boots. I wouldn't have such a problem with football if everyone was calm and social about it and didn't hate each other when someone misses a goal.
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  5. I don't like football c: I just thought this would be the perfect forum post to share this <3 I do like rugby though... Sorry :3
  6. Your talking about big games. Smaller football, mainly casual (on the playground and such), isn't almost never aggressive. It just takes 1 person to make an aggressive game. You would tackle them, they would shove you, then you push them back and its turned into an aggressive game
  7. I'm talking about all of football.
  8. I can't wait for the BPL to start! I really hope that Manchester United are going to have a wonderful season this year.

    On to my favourites:
    Club: Manchester United (Of course)
    Player: Memphis
    League: Barclays Premier League

    A really nice thread, btw! Will come here often ;-)
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  9. Oh yeah, what your fav. manager guys?
    Mine is Mourinho. Bring success, and a ton of laughter
  10. I've seen this video before, it's amazing :p

    Well, my favourite team is Manchester United, there are lots of great players so it's hard to pick a favourite... I like Blind, Depay, De Gea, to be honest I like most of them :rolleyes:
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  11. Too many United fans! *feints*
  12. Best team ever ;) Not that I'm as big on football as I used to be though :p
    Got to be Sir Alex :rolleyes:
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  13. Of course! I would be surprised if it wasn't!
  14. I support that one.
  15. I hope united will have a good season but without persie, di Maria it's going to be hard as they created 31 goals for us
  16. Favorite Team:
    Favorite Player: I was a Di Maria fan, but he left after 1 season. So Im a Bastian Fan Now :p
    Leage: BPL
    Stadium: Old Trafford
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  17. My favourite player last season was di maria because his first 3 goals for united were really nice. As he left for PSG every time I see last season top I always say "Well..... money well spent."

    Last Sunday I actually bought the new united top is well :)