The fluff is back!

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  1. Hey everyone
    Its your favorite fluffinator!
    I know I've been gone awhile and I feel bad about that. School caught up with me as well as my EDM production. I just wanted to make a reintroduction thread for the EMC and list some things you may or may not know about me!
    -I got my username off my dog who we got in 2009
    -I produce EDM (Electronic Dance Music)
    -I have been with the Empire for 435 days
    -I occasionally write FanFiction
    -My best friend (on here and in-real life) is Hash98
    -I own Vault 101 on SMP1 Res: 921
    -I have a Black Belt in MMA
    -I play paintball
    -I own my own MC Server (This isn't advertising is it?)

    Will be here forever,
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  2. welcome back!
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  3. Thanks
    (I always liked your username :p)
  4. EWW, No I'm kidding. Welcome Back :D
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  5. Good to see one of the greats back.
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  6. my science teacher calls the introduction of every chapter in our science book "fluff" he says its nothing you need to worry about, i still read it anyway :)
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  7. You were gone? No, seriously, I never noticed. :p Welcome back though! :)
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  8. And to commemerate my return I will be doing a steampunk/revolution style forum RP! Be sure to check on it whenever its out!
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  9. HaHaHa yea, I'm just not a huge forum poster, so thats probably why!
  10. most people that are considered "well known" are either rich or post on the forums alot. i still dont get it...
  11. I've been here long enough to gather enough likes to get the status.
  12. same here, you where never forgotten :) i left for 3 months and no one noticed. :p
  13. Welcome back!
    Would you mind showing us your best song? :)
  14. I really don't have a best, I'm just a total amateur :)
  15. Welcome back, we'll not really because I can hear your voice over your brother mic on Xbox, but good to see you playing Minecraft more again! I was worried you stopped to play TF2
  16. Just check out his whole album/list of songs. They are all awesome! Even if you don't like dubstep, *cough* Panda *cough*
  17. Can you link me your sound cloud so I can hear all of yer epic beats?
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  19. No but WarZ came out and it's epic (even if there's WAY to much pvp)
  20. Nice!