The fist 5 Star Restaurant on smp7

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  1. We are opening the first 5 star restaurant on smp 7 come now or tell me if you want to reserve a table we have anything you want come now when seats last
  2. Do you guys serve punch?
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  3. yes we do but it is not on the menu
  4. i give punches
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  5. anyone want to come to the first 5 star restaurant on smp 7 come now
  6. hi guys so anyone want to come to the 1st 5 star restaurant come now
  7. anyone want to go in a restaurant contact me now pls
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  9. might want to include the res number
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  10. I've been waiting for this :)
  11. Do you served enderman meat a la tartar? I have heard once the rubbery skin is pealed off the meat is very tender.
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  12. With the pearls fried, correct?
  13. we sell everything
  14. I can't eat the pearls. My teeth aren't what they used to be.
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  15. ha ha it will be open in 3days
  16. This is great!
    *goes to restaurant*
    *sees fancy food*
    *calls over waiter*
    Excuse me sir, I will have your finest order of spicy buffalo wings. And make sure to bring extra BBQ sauce.
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  17. omg u and i ordered the same thing :O twinzies!
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  18. Really?
    *steals your wings*