The Fish tank love thread!

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  1. Fish Lovers, Rejoice,
    For there be a thread for all of thy's epic and awe inducing fish tanks!

    I just got hooked onto fish tanks and how they function about a year ago, and I LOVE it! I own three running tanks as of now. All three fresh water, tropical fish.

    I have one 30 gallon tank that has eleven fish in it currently and they are picky about their food. (Syke) It's mostly a semi-aggressive tank that can eat everything I throw at it. From betta food to shrimp they love everything. It has pothos growing from the filter, as I am trying to remove the nitrates and stuff.
    One of my ten gallon tanks has only tetra and algae eaters but was fun to set-up. While I plan on making the other 10 gallon into a split tank for bettas.

    *Photos coming soon!*

    Please! Add pictures and information about your fish in the replies!!!!!

  2. I had a fish
    Then it died
    Then I discovered sushi drop on SMP8
    Then I have 10 stacks of fish
  3. Okay, while I can tell you have your best interests at heart, your tanks...
    They semm kinda, eh, so, Im going to try and help ya, to make things better for you and your pets.

    First of all, 1 gallon betta tank. That is too small. The minimum for a betta is 5 gallons, heated and filtered. Bettas dont live in muddy, shallow puddles as their main habitat, while they can for short amounts of time, their habitat is rice paddies, swamps, and wetland, which are auctually quite large areas. This betta care sheet has a lot of info on em, I'd suggest taking a read.

    As for the other two, tell me the stock in them and I'll try to help ya there
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  4. Can we get pictures of your fishes :D
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  5. For the betta tank, we are going to be getting a 2.5 gallon tank, I change the water weekly on it.
    Got blurry water due to light
    In the 30 gallon I have an angel, 2 tiger barbs, 2 albino tiger barbs, 3 zebra danios (I need names for them hint hint), 1 algae eater, 1 emerald green corycat, 1 snail, (babies will be a good snack for the angel), and probably more.

    In the 10 gallon we have like 10 neon tetras, 2 black tetras and 2 algae eaters,

    Done fam =P
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  6. I got a new filter for my ten gallon, I've changed my 30 gallon's aquascape <<I may have used that term wrong, and I got a new 10 gallon which I will be making a DIY stand for in the future!

    New pictures of all tanks coming soon!
  7. Once I had a fish and I ate it
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  8. yus i know more than any of you about fish tank love. i make love to em everyday.
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  9. Thats why I have baby snails ಠ_ಠ
  10. Used to have a Red Tail Catfish from the Amazon.... The tank was 200 gallons...

    Also had a very epic tank with some sharks, and plekos and fish, so much more... With plenty of Plants and Buildings, this too was 200 gallons...

    Not anymore, no room and too much work, Catfish tank had to be cleaned every week, and was massive :p
  11. They have a nice tank at some more expensive Grocery Stores, and same tanks at Red Lobster... hehe
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  12. Do formicariums count ?
  13. The last time I had fish the tank was hit with some kinda plague. All the fish became moldy and would explode open.
  14. :eek:
    Is that like and ant colony like thing?
    That's the main reason why I never want a tank over 50 gal. The only time I may even consider it is if I make a Koi Pond
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  15. Yes it is ! I have two going right now
  16. One of my friends had one for the longest time. One winter they all just died some how. :(

    I haven't an idea what it's like, I just know that he had pipes all over his room for ants and I was scared.
    I'd say they count though!
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  17. The pet store where I got the fish wasn't the best at keeping there own fish healthy. It must have been something that the fish picked up in those tanks before transferring the plague of the apocalypse to my tank.

    No fish ever survive my 30 gallon tank of doom. The tank is cursed and now sits in the basement collecting dust over the pebbled bottom and fake plants.

    And before you suggest cleaning all the pebbles and/or getting new stuff for the tank. We have done it al except replacing the tank.
  18. some tips: kill the plants (fire), bury the pebbles. draw fake fish. make blub blub noises and enjoy your new tank.
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  19. Bump! Share your fish tanks!