The First Game of Thing Get

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  1. Please Join me for a Game Of Thing Get!
    When: Sundays at 5pm central standard time ( 6pm EMC time)
    Where: SMP8 res number 17380

    We need two teams of at least 3 to play Thing Get!
    The object of the game is to push a mob close enough for the Person inside the goal to Egg a Mob and toss it into the hopper. best out of Eight rounds wins.
    Prizes This week: TBD

    Red Team:

    Blue Team:

    Good Luck!
  2. Rules and Regulations for Thing Get:
    1: A Mob must be in the hopper to get a point
    2: The Mob in the Hopper must be a Ref Approved Mob. (named the same name as the one released)
    3: The Death of a Mob results in a point taken away from the team that killed the Mob and Given to the Opposing Team
    4: While outside Items are allowed they may result in penalties
    5: Teams must be of No less than Three players and No more than Ten with Five being the preferred Number.

    More to Follow as needed.
  3. What a curious game... :D *uses ocelot eggs*
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  4. I'll have to give this game a try. It looks very interesting :)
  5. looks cool ill come try it out

    ITS ADVENTURE TIME !!!!! lets do it!
  6. So we have at least one team! Woot! Now to get at least three more folks!
  7. Updated for Primitive Point Counting System.
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  8. Update for Red Zombie Versus Blue Skeletons! (you can wear the helmet or the head) :D
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  9. What time does it start?
  10. A thing! I'm all over this!
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  11. 1 hour and 15 minutes or so
  12. This EMC event sponsored by Seffychan and the Committee for Pantsless Recreation. :D
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  13. You get to pick one to wear and both to keep
    That is what happened
  14. Thanks to Everybody who came to Play!
    I learned some things from Thing Get:
    1.) It is Really fun!
    2.) Pretty much everybody can play Thing Get
    3.) Teams need to be set up in advance
    4.) I'ma try to make it a weekly thing!
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  15. I missed it. :(
  16. Its okay! I'll try to hold one Every Week!
  17. Kool.
  18. I forgot this Sunday was Easter. I also forgot all about Thing Get after about Friday, because I remembered Easter. *flops around like a fish*
    Double Prizes On the 12 I think.
  19. I'm getting pretty excited about Sunday.
    I'm thinking the prize this time should be some ores and some chicken spawn eggs. Its too late to have a poll. Suggestions?
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