The first forums attachment!

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by 1998golfer, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. This thread is now allowed because all attachments have been posted to a public area-Bigdavie
    First ever attachment:-
    View attachment 1

    Use [ attach]number[ /attach] minus the spaces to post an attachment.
    Please only post working attachments.
  2. And the second one was a road map!
  3. [ ATTACH ]3[ ATTACH ]
  4. sorry, without the spaces. View attachment 3
  5. Number 3 was a monster energy drink lol!
  6. The 1000th looks like a partially done chunky rendering..
  7. I still dont get how this works.
  8. you have to take the link from the attachment and post "[ IMG ] *url* [ /IMG ] (without spaces) for the image to show
  9. lol that attachment doesnt exist.
    look at attachment 6666:
  10. So.. View attachment 4

    AHH! The fourth attachment was a meme. EMC hasn't changed a bit. :p
  11. you need to take out the spaces.