The Fall of a Museum... the Rise of a New Building.

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  1. My Museum: 8961, SMP4. Now being prepared for destruction. Why? I didn't have the funds, and you didn't have the interest. Thank you for my 2 donations from Rundercaster and Apocryphan. :) But anyways, that's the falling. The Museum is dead, and that's that. Now, for the rise of a new building. The good part.

    The 8961 Survival Center: Built purely to help players practice surviving in the wild. Why? Because I like helping people. I have already designed a first-class archery center, and I have other ideas as well. Plenty of ideas. Here's a sneak peek:

    That screenshot is a sample of Intermediate Archery. There will be the following archery levels.
    Beginning Archery: Simple Targets
    Intermediate Archery: Desert Chaos
    Expert Archery: Moving Targets

    There may be an additional Insane Archery added. But you get the idea.

    Here's the point: I can't do this without you. I need you, the community, to support this project so that it doesn't crumble. That doesn't mean you have to donate. If you want to, that's great! But what's just is helpful is for you to spread the word. Simple! I thank you for your time, and I hope that one day this becomes a great and powerful building. Thank you. :)

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  2. Picture bump of an example in a creative world.
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