The Fall *Forum Game*

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    This is a game about when Earth Gets attacked by Aliens from outer space. They look like giant ugly warts. They have 1 eye and have the best hearing ever. Earth is in ruins. This takes place in Los Angeles where all the huge buildings have crashed. Cars flipped over beeping. Dead Humans on fire.
    You are an Elite Force sent from the US Goverment to save Mankind from this horror. You will start with a knife and a gas mask (There is tons of toxic smoke in the air). You will be able to pick up items. I will be the main once telling the story but you will decide what you do. To sign up to save the world, use this - (I am going to do mine for an example)
    Character Name: Keegan
    Character Specialty: Strong Arms
    Starting point: (Has to be somewhere in LA) Hollywood Hill. Taking shelter in a huge hole that was made from a Alien Torpedo. I have a radio as well.
    Character Abilitys: Fast Swimmer. Knows how to pilot a plane
    Character Disabilities: Slow Runner, Bad eyes (So cant see really far)

    Lets get this started!
    It will start once at least 4 people sign up.