the exp co.

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  1. if you know the whereabouts of a spawner contact me and recieve free rupees and join the exp co.
    (only if it is easy to find!)

  2. How much FREE rupees.
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  3. i dont get this service?
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  4. He/she wants to "use" someone's grinder for the "exp co."

    ( I think it might be an attempt to grief a grinder/just use it and their isn't a company named the exp co.
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  5. i dont think i will be using this normally a company puts more effort into looking good these people do not so my grinders wont be used by you or sold to you
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  6. This is low man... Your seriously trying to get grinders from people just so that they can join EXP Co. which allows them to wear a badge that you made on in like 2 seconds flat!
  7. so true and then we dont know that he will grief or share with "others" for a price when we joined him and then the badge doesnt look good at all no caps and things like that its just a dirt block as well so he needs to sort him self out!
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  8. Dude, I don't get the point of this.
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  9. im the same why not just say that your buying co-ords? not make a crappy company
  10. I tried to found a company lol...
  11. im trying to start mine up thats my sig :D
  12. You are reviewing my project actually :) The ChascaMall
  13. also its a way to let the community know where to get xp cos until 1.3 youll need mobs to get exp
    and you get so many rupees depending on how far it is ;)

  14. really you get xp from mobs|smelting|mining(iron/gold dont) and i will be visit that mobs spawner to check realness
  15. please place you bad achievement as your sig
  16. there true co-ords etc but it needs work it doesnt damage the skeletons
  17. Unless these coordinates are for a grinder that's already yours, this is pretty low.
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  18. NFell, you might want to "x" out the coordinates you quoted in your Reply to Flixboy's post before "Like"ing my previous comment.
  19. k thanks for that
  20. I can't believe he just posted the coords to an XP grinder in a public thread on the EMC forums for EVERYONE to see! Does he want it to get griefed?
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