The Exit

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Faithcaster, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Hello EMC
    As a few of you noticed, my quad res project have been force claimed by someone..
    This is kinda what's bringing this whole thread now..
    I have been less and less active recently, and the force claim of my EMC-life project is just sad..
    I'm pretty sure I owe Eclipsys an apology, and that'll be done.
    My internet failed, so it was to bad to go on the internet or MineChat.
    It has been a really good time, and I love every single guy/girl on EMC. I'm not leaving, I'm just becoming a lot less active.

    I'll see if I somehow can get back my 4 residences and that way start something new..
    This really sucks, so many hours going to waste...
    Anyways, this is no goodbye thread, just an info thread about my poor activity..
  2. you know if you vote, your derelict is reset right?
  3. Its a bit late now.

    Sorry you lost all your hard work :(
  4. I had no idea, and well I couldn't get internet access, just lucky that i just logged in on Faithcaster before I lost my net.
  5. well yes, but now he knows. i used to do it on my phone :) sorry for your loss
  6. Wise words... I didn't know that also *goes to vote* but I go on most days but it could still help.
  7. So sorry to hear you lost a res. I was really looking forward to the finished project.

    Was this design built in sp? I'd love to see a picture if how it would have looked finished.
  8. The same thing basically happened to me. I'm sure it was a much bigger thing for you though, because you had put a lot more time into your projects. It's really sad to see another legend go.
  9. It was rude for that person to claim your reses.
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  10. not really, a better word would be unsportsmanlike. there are four ways to not get your residence derelict unfortunately none were done. like it or not if you are gone for 15 days there is no reason to suspect you will be back, it sucks when you come back to it for sure but the person who claimed it is not rude for doing so. perhaps a dialogue with the person will convince them to return your res.
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  11. I know, but the player saw all the massive reses. And he just went ahead.
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  12. I've force claimed a few resses but always check if its been derelict for at least 100 days and not got anything much on it. But to see something epic like that in progress with only a few days derelict is unsportsman like to say the least. Perhaps force claiming should scale in cost depending on the length of deriliction to at least deter people who from force claiming freshly derelict properties.
  13. This right here people is why HE has the green name and not any of us...
    Edit: I've never forced claimed one but one day maybe but i think only with perm banned players 60+ days . (i know i have four residences so some words unclaim my res /force claim res unclaim go back to other res)
  14. One of them was forceclaimed and the other 3 are still available. It may have been reset by the boffins at empire and not forceclaimed.
  15. FYI It was system claimed:

    3 days ago
    Derelict residence reclaimed 1987

    3 days ago
    Derelict residence reclaimed 1781

    3 days ago
    Derelict residence reclaimed 1986

    3 days ago
    Derelict residence reclaimed 1780
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  16. Wait, SYSTEM now claims derelict residences?
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  17. I am sorry, Faith. I will do my best to help get you some stuff for rebuilding. You did a good job, and I will help you do an even better job in the future. May luck be on your side in the future.

  18. It ensures at least 30 or so reses are available. I always thought it reset oldest first but I guess its just random
  19. What's all this talk about him doing all the hard work D:. I'm the architect of this thing XD Not Faithcaster. He was a great help, but not the great mastermind.

    And I don't think I will rebuild the Collossus Towers (yes, they have a name other then ''1781'') as they're too time consuming and I'm drowning in Uni work.
  20. if it were oldest all the reses around my first res would be gone *most are 400 plus days derelict* its entirely random and thus fair for even those gone for long periods of time. faith was just incredibly unlucky :(

    edit: shows how much i know :(