The evolution of TESG

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  1. So basically here is the story of how AlexHallon's TES came to be:

    On 29th Janary 2012 djozane joined Empire Minecraft and made a friend. His friend's name was AlexHallon.

    On 8th February 2012 Djozane told me about Empire Minecraft at school and I joined. That day Dj's base was griefed.

    On 9th February 2012 we moved to an island south of SMP3 wilderness spawn.

    On 10th February 2012 AlexHallon was told were we had moved and we all discussed a name together. We decided to call our group The Epic Shaft Gang.

    On 11th February 2012 we went out mining in a huge cave below our base where we managed to find a toiletload of items and a ravine.

    On 12th February 2012 the base was griefed, but we went ahead and made an XP farm anyway.

    (skipping ahead now just so I don't bore you if you're not bored now anyway! :p)

    On 25th February 2012 my brother, Starpuncher joined.

    On 27th February 2012 we hidden the base by dismantling the dock and the XP farm.

    On 28th February we agreed to move the base upon 1.2 to move to Alex's The Epic Survivors.

    On 29th February me and Djozane discussed dismantling the entire base until 1.2. We all moved and we are now co-leaders of The Epic Survivors. AlexHallon also dropped out of Delta Team.

    That is basically how AlexHallon's TES came to be. From now on I will be calling TES...
    TESG'S child! :p

    This is not a spam post, i'm just posting this if anybody is wondering.