The Endeavor(Related to Pirates of the Caribbean)

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  1. As you have heard battmeghs is making the known ship in POTC called The Black Pearl. I have however is a fan of the EITC(East India Trading Company). So in pirates of the Caribbean, Lord Cutler Beckett(a fictional character) tries to sink The Black Pearl with the known ship as the Endeavor. However Beckett has failed to do so because "The Flying Dutchman" has turned against Beckett so the Endeavor was against 2 ships.
    I am going to build this ship in my new Utopia residence. :D

    Donations can be in rupees or items.

    If you cannot donate but however have these items in stock in your shop please contact me:
    Pine Logs
    Yellow Wool
    Green Wool
    White Wool
  2. So your building it right?
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  3. Yes :)