The End!

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  1. Anyone Interested in Going to The End? Well I have found the coordinates! On the outside it looks like a stone brick staircase (see file below) but on the inside it looks so cool! However the rest of the stronghold has been looted and broken by some unknown users. The Coordinates are

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  2. You probably should not make these coordinates public.
  3. Tell the coords of live map
  4. And the greatest part of it, no server. -.-
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  5. i would like to go but we would need a whole group.
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  6. We need the coords that appers in live map when you place the mouse on it. Also the server
  7. I'll really have to check this out sometime, when I'm not hunting wither skeletons, working on my emerald factory, or working on my utopian gold farm.
  8. ^ Brag much man :U
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  9. -_-
  10. Nice Qwert Next Time Why Dont You Tell us more about ur own residence instead of whats posted on this thread
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  11. Well, We Could Go As A Group!
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  12. Jealousy is no reason for hate comments.
  13. What server? That would probably help.
    It also seems that you enjoy capitalising every word in the sentence... :)
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  14. What server?
  15. good point. Mazz, why don't you pay more attention to the comments about this post, than hating on other comments.
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  16. I'd point out that the word you meant was envy, not jealousy, but I'm too busy driving my Ferrari to the airport to board my private jet for a trip to my mansion in the Bahamas.
  17. Well yes but we also need more people other wise we have no chance
  18. I almost didnt catch that. :p
  19. Okay, okay. I get the point.
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  20. I'll go, but what is gonna kill you? We just have to walk, and once we get to the portal it's not like anything in the End will kill us