The End on smp9

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  1. I've been wandering around in the Wastelands on SMP9 for days trying to find a Momentus or some other boss and this morning as I was walking around I saw these strange dirt pillars that I figured some player had to make. So I started following them and eventually some of them had torches on them so I knew a player had to do it. I followed them into a jungle where I eventually found some stairs going down and so I followed them to see where they led. There were several drops but eventually I found that they led to a End portal.

    So yeah, evidently someone found the End portal on SMP9 and now I'm there. Seems like someone started making an XP farm with Enders but it's not done yet. So far just exploring around.
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  2. Btw End portals have been found in wild and waste i have even built a bridge to it in the wild but well done on finding a ender portal :)
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  3. yeah, now that i've explored around here it looks like EVERYONE has already been here but me... there is a whole town built out here in The End. guess that shows just how out of touch i've been on EMC lately.
  4. So your the one that built the end portal in the SMP9 wild? In that case thanks because I use it often and it's way better than having to swim the whole way.
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  5. ps. deathtomb has WAY too much time on his hands. seems like every hugely epic thing i see built on EMC seems to be built by him.
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