The end? :D

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Do you want to go to the end?

Yes of course! 14 vote(s) 73.7%
No, not really. 2 vote(s) 10.5%
I'm thinking about it. 3 vote(s) 15.8%
  1. Hi everyone, I was looking online a little bit about the Minecraft achievements, I found the achievement called "The End" and I searched it on Youtube, and I found out a lot more!

    It turns out there is a portal (somewhere in your map, I actually haven't found one yet, but I'm working on it) I don't really know what it's called, but you collect ender pearls (if you don't know where you get these from, you get these from endermans when you kill them).Then you need to combine it with blaze power (I forgot the name of the item you get). Once you find the portal, you'll know it when you see it, it's obviously different from everything else, you'll put each of your pearls inside the portal, it's the same as a nether portal, 4 by 5. It does not have the corners. I've heard it has an Ender Dragon, tons of endermans, and it's kind of just a dark Erie place, with really nothing but End Stone, you can't find it in your creative mode on the list. It's really hard to break without a pickaxe, so if you go there in survival, make sure you bring a pickaxe, and for some reason to spawn the Ender Dragon, you need a gold sword and right click it on your screen for it to appear. It gives you tons of experience if you are able to defeat it :D So happy hunting!
  2. As far as I know all the end portals have been found on our servers. All the ender dragons have been killed, but you can go harvest end stone at least.
  3. sadly all of them have been killed, but it think that all of the portals should be made public. only 3 per map, so only 3 cords to make. of course if they are revealed then a jerk may come along and destroy them...
  4. Nope not only 3 per world, the 3 strongholds per world was changed a few MC versions back.
  5. But all the portals lead to the same End Realm = :( no dragons...
  6. i have coords to smp2 and smp4 portals :D
  7. Too true. I believe in one of the pre-releases, the strongholds were introduced, then in pre-release 1.9.3 there were 3 strongholds, and they all had glass block towers reaching all the way to the sky. In pr 1.9.4 the glass towers were removed, and the 3 strongholds were changed to unlimited strongholds.

    But enough of the background info, everything said here is correct. All the strongholds lead to the same 'end', all the dragons have been killed and all eggs claimed. Justin has said that he hopes to eventually be able to reset 'the end', and that way everyone can have te oppurtunity to kill a dragon and claim an egg. Until then though, it is juat an area to harvest resources. I know the co-ords to smp1 end and will happy provide them to anyone who asks, and im sure tshack235 will be willing to whisper the co-ords smp2 and smp4 if you ask him nicely :)
  8. If you aren't playing on a public server, you might be able to find one in single player, just right click in the air with a golden sword and an Ender Dragon should appear.
  9. in singleplayer they spawn with the golden sword? :confused:???
  10. true, if you ask me nicely, i may give you both coords :)
  11. I looked online for it and I saw 2 videos where the dragon appeared after they right clicked on the screen with a golden sword.
  12. It might be a mod. Where the vid creators the same people?
  13. It is a mod it was meant for the pre releases

    the files for the dragon were already there but they didn't spawn so someone invent the mod :)
  14. Have I have the cords? I would really love to visit it :D
  15. Sounds interesting, I've never been able to download mods... maybe it's just cause I don't really understand them.
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  16. Do you have a Mac? On windows its fairly easy if you want I could tell you for windows.
  17. I do not have a Mac.
  18. No offense but that is not completely accurate information and I'm sure many have accurate information.
  19. I got that information from offline, If it's not right, then it's not right. I don't understand what the big deal is.
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  20. Ok so I'm assuming that you don't have a Linux. Go to the start menu and search for "run." then type in the adress to go to your Appdata folder. Once there go into the .minecraft folder. Go into the bin and find minecraft.jar. Ten you need something like 7zip to access. Open it using 7zip and delete the meta-inf folder. Take the mod and find out if it needs mod loader. If it doesn't then extract it and drag all of the files into the jar. If it requires mod loader, then download and install mod loader like a normal mod. Run minecraft, then exit out of it and drag the zip of the mod into the newly created mods folder. It should work. Remember to keep a backup and some mods will try to work on servers and are forbidden. Some of these mods are things like more stackables. Be careful. And remember that the hd texture fix should be implimneted on a clean version of minecraft (ie no mods). When installing mods don't install them into the minecraft1.0.jar because that is a different jar.