The Empires Longest FireFloor

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  1. Hi!, on here EMC, ive started to make a massive firefloor, i need help with a few bits and bobs. with the help that's needed. im in need for lots of leaves, if you would like to donate them pm me, or find me on the game.

    this is all done on smp9, res 18823. i have had a few people help atm. if your interested in making one of the patterns on the leaves, as well please find me and you will be allowed. as you have built me a pattern. indeed you will keep your perms, build so you will be allowed to help me at the events i host with this firefloor. more infomation will be out when its close to the finish :D 2014-05-26_11.10.16.png 2014-05-26_11.10.11.png 2014-05-26_11.10.07.png 2014-05-26_11.10.01.png and these are all the floors currently atm :D

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  2. Nice that looks awesome! I wish I could help but I suck at building :p
  3. if you dont want to build a pattern, you can always donate, to help :D
  4. In need still of leaves if interested ^