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  1. hey guys this is a hopefully soon to be outpost
    here is the info
    1: it is on smp3
    2: it is in the middle of main frontier and north frontier spawn
    3: it has a iron farm
    4: blaze farm
    5: has a few building's
    6: is a village with walls around it
    7: once claimed anyone may join except greifers
    any other info i will announce in comments or if you have any questions please pm me
    thx :)
  2. Wait who [claim] it for you. Too make it a official outpost it must be at least 5k from any spawn.
  3. i'm sorry for the confusion on my last post someone said i need to say [claim] to establish it
  4. i though my base was 5,000 blocks away from spawn and 3,000 from any other group
  5. Alright then I figured I reading it wrong. Sr. Staff will check I out coming days but going to remove [claim] because it shows that base already been handled.
  6. ok sorry for the problems
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.