the empire smp9 small olympics!!!!

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  1. the olympics for smp9 is comeing soon! its gona contain!swimming,archery,running,spleef,boat's. thats for now! if you want to join from any server tell me down! and plz if you can donate for us to get this faster plz plz plz donate. theres one player in each server ok and plz dont spam, the olympic's is in smp9. :)
    all thank's to:maisymonkey,J_A_D_E_1_6,creeperslayer689,alexzur10,graysen000 they where the ones who builded the olympics!
    donation wall:

    player smp1;
    player smp2:
    player smp3:
    player smp4:
    player smp5:
    player smp6:
    player smp7:
    player smp8:
    player smp9:
    player utopia: