The Empire Sky Store - Under Construction (I Need help me out, please. :3)

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  1. Alrighty, so I'm starting construction on my new store, The Empire Sky Store. I'll be needing an abundance of materials to create this floating beast of a store, and any donations would be greatly appreciated. TP to res 16289 on SMP8 to check out the donation wall! Hopefully I can get the store up and running in the next couple of weeks. :)

    Thanks to you all for any help and donations you provide. If you'd like to donate some blocks or items to the store, post a reply with your ingame name and tell me you want to donate some items. I'll put a chest on my res and allow you to access it if you wish to donate items.

    Donators List:

    Callum117 - 1,000r

    Most needed Items:

    Wood Logs (All Types)
    Wood Planks (All Types)
    Stone Bricks
    Sandstone (All Types)
    Wool (Any Colors, Dyes are fine as well)

    If you donate anything, I'll try to remember to add your name to the list. I'll also be adding any items I need to this list over time. Thanks for all donations in advance! :D
  2. darn you i made a beast sky store on smp1 :p im almost done and its nice n open ill be sure to check this out when ur done
  3. Awesome, thanks! I just had the idea to do it where it looks down on my res (with a glass floor or something), since I'm running out of room on the ground level. :p