The Empire Screenshot Thread

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  1. Hello EMC! Seeing as how I'm on the entertained-by-Minecraft side of my Minecraft cycle, I decided to resume my building... and this came to me. Post your screenshots of everything Empire!

    Guidelines (not rules) (All commands add Fn key for Macs)
    - Hide your GUI with F1
    - Use the Minecraft screenshot utility via F2
    - Post your texture pack's name

    I'll start. Here's a view of SMP1 from my WIP space station!
  2. Just hanging out with MrWhosMagic
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  3. LOL
  4. 1.5 celebration at SMP 1 town spawn :)

    the iron farm! (using paper cut out)

    SMP 1 graveyard, i'm pretty sure this is R2 or whatever its called >.<

    and my battcave! with paper cut out!

    the rest of my photos have my inventory on them :(
  5. Just chillin' in the wild
  6. Davie with his 100 withers... 2013-05-06_21.55.08.png
  7. When I "hacked Square"
    Trolling Alex
    Just some random ones I found in my screenshots folder.
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  8. I present, Aikar!

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  9. my singleplayer puppy: 2012-10-20_11.18.38.png

    inside a beacon beam: 2012-10-23_17.10.35.png
    me and paulyat messing around with a spider jockey: 2012-09-15_09.51.07.png
    a Thing I like to call 'THE MASS DISCONNECT OF SMP9:
    more to come
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  10. Britbrit3197's AWESOME wool art :D
  11. Me at my res shooting some fireworks
    res thing.png
  12. I see what you did there.

    Here's an enderman party that I found in some abandoned railway somewhere very deep underground.
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  13. My personal favourite;
  14. Wait, wut?
  15. This one is from like a year ago.

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  16. Here's a screenshot of me coming to the rescue when a friend got stuck in a tree on Endertopia :p
    Stuck in Tree.png
  17. ...and also here's me trolling an afk on my res :3
    Trolling Alice.png
  18. Just hanging out with RainbowChin I'm watching you
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