The Empire Newspaper?

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Is The Empire newspaper a good idea?

YES! 15 vote(s) 71.4%
no... 5 vote(s) 23.8%
i don't care 0 vote(s) 0.0%
what's the empire newspaper? 1 vote(s) 4.8%
  1. Hi All,

    i was thinking last night and i came up with an awesome idea for minecrafters who can't be bothered to read stuff on the website or just want to play the weekly puzzles. you guys can also contribute with a section/paragraph of your own that i can put in if you'd like.

    i'd like some feedback on what people think about this. :D

    They will be sold from my residence when i get one :)

    Hero Out.
  2. A newspaper is hard to keep up - especially if it's for more than one server. You have to write the paper, obtain lots of book and quills, make the copies, distribute them, and make sure you get payment. It's not likely you'll make much profit. Ask rock00888 - he has or had a newspaper.
    If you still want to try, I do think a weekly puzzle is a good idea - maybe you could have a small prize for the first person to answer correctly or something. Having a newspaper mostly depends on two things - 1) creative, interesting content, and 2) good grammar/spelling. Nobody's going to pay for something boring or poorly written. Just make sure to have someone proof-read each edition.
    Good luck!
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  3. ill try :)

    also im fairly new..... (3 days lol) but i know alot about empire already so yea.
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  4. I think it would be a good idea but I would only pay 25r for one.
  5. This is a good idea, but like eskimo said, it will be really hard. Also, how would you deliver it to everyone? Every singly player would have to set up an access chest for you. Also if it is more than one server then it will take thousands and thousands of books.
  6. i have 14 dc's of books and quills...
    EDIT:1.4 dcs
  7. Like a lot of others, I think a newspaper in game would be quite hard to do (book and quills also aren't that cheap to make) but what I think would be a better idea is a kind of online 'newsletter' every day/week however often you want to do it!
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  8. great idea!
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  9. I love supporting small businesses so I'm subscribed to about every Newspaper that is currently still running (0 as of today). Anyways I'll pay anywhere from 150r-300r a week.
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  10. and /follow
  11. He had.
  12. I think it sounds like a good idea if it can be pulled off. I would like to help you with this if you want and I can install the bookz mod to make copying a lot easier. Maybe having it on the forums and in game would be best and making an income from advertisers instead of people buying it wouldalso be better.
  13. Having it in the forums would be much easier. Like instead of printing tons and tons of books, you could just make a thread about the weekly news and post about it there. :)
  14. But what about profit? Just curious since it seems he's trying to make some.
  15. That is were advertisers could come in. Someone could pay a certain amount per issue to get an advertisement for something like a shop or other thing.
  16. The main problem is finding stuff to fill them with. I published one issue, after that I couldn't find the time to write anything. additionally there are much more lucrative things out there. I can make triple or quadruple the rupees farming sugarcane. You also have to account for the hours it takes to copy and paste all the content into the books. Making a newspaper is very labor intensive.
  17. Finding things to write about would be a problem. Some issues might be dry and others could be full of stuff. Just depends on what happens. Puzzles are always good and can be there no matter what actually happens. Newspapers won't return lots of income but should be fun. The bookz mod will make the labour very little and would just involve clicking a few buttons for each book. (If I understand how the mod works.)
  18. you can even set up to do it auto, all you gotta do is right click on a book n quill and it'll paste and sign for you.
  19. I wouldnt want to pay for it but good idea :D
  20. The only way you can do it for free would be through advertising. Last time I tried no one wanted to buy ad space